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Reverse and home equity
conversion Mortgages

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A reverse mortgage is like any other loan - the only difference is it has no fixed repayment schedule. This means a borrower can take out a reverse mortgage without needing to make payments until they sell their home, or pass away.

Far from a last resort, a reverse mortgage can be the exact solution to your financial problems, whether that's supplementing a fixed income, eliminating credit card debt, or paying off your current mortgage. A reverse mortgage is a fantastic tool that can really allow you to live your best life.
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Home equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)

The most common kind of reverse mortgage, this is a federally insured loan offered to borrowers meeting specific criteria. The funds from a HECM can be used for any purpose, whether that's paying off your existing mortgage or allowing you to maintain your quality of life in retirement.

Proprietary Reverse Mortgages

These are private reverse mortgages without the government-backing of HECMs. Proprietary reverse mortgages are primarily used for borrowers with high-value homes that exceed the $765600 value limit of HECMS.

Single-Purpose Reverse Mortgage

Sometimes offered through state or local government programs, single-purpose reverse mortgages can only be used in a single agreed upon way. Generally lower-interest than other reverse mortgage types, single-purpose home loans can be of great use to low-income homeowners when they are available.
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Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage

Stay at home

A reverse mortgage can help you stay in your own home instead of downsizing or moving into a care home. This let's you stay comfortable in the neighborhood you call home.

quality of life

The funds from a reverse mortgage can be used however you see fit - and that includes maintaining your quality of life during your retirement.

save Your money

So many Americans have retirement savings, but inflation and rising cost of living can quickly drain your assets. A reverse mortgage can supplement your budget, while allowing your investments to continue growing.

Family Consultations

We understand the stigma that reverse mortgages can have - and we want to change that. We provide free family consultations to every one of our reverse mortgage clients so you can know exactly what you're getting into. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable with whatever decision you make, and we will never try to pressure you into a loan you don't want.
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